Rank my team tell me how I can improve for my future drafts

10 team ppr 4 pt qb 1 keeper league. Zeke was my keeper as my second round pick.
Qb cam Newton
Rb zeke
Rb dj
Wr golden tate
Wr Allen Robinson
Te Kyle rudolph
Flex Joe mixon
Dst vikings
Jordan howard
Cooper cupp
Sammy watkins
Ty Montgomery
Pierre garcon
Dj moore
Cam merideth
Marquis lee
I went 4 straight rbs I felt confident in my ability to draft high floor start able wrs. This was my first draft of the year I’d like to hear some thoughts on how I could improve. I was gonna wait on qb but got cam Newton in the 9th thought it was good enough value to justify it. Otherwise I would have punted at qb and taken Alex Smith or bortles. I picked between rudolph and Burton but ultimately decided to go with the safer option plus I already have howard and Robinson on the bears don’t want to many. Let me know what you would have done differently and how I should approach the draft going forward.