Rank RB - Lindsay, Thompson, Powell

How do you rank these three - need to play one to fill in for D. Freeman. Also considering a 2nd for flex.
Standard scoring

Go Thompson, then Lindsey. Thompson with just a few touches and current health is massive pointage. Lindsey had better ceiling with likely the same floor. So Powell would be last for me, but a contentious flex play.

I would hands down go Thompson then powell, hard to consider Lindsay

oh man it has to be thompson!

he is the targets and reception leader in WAS…looked very good and is a big part of their gameplan!

Thompson, for sure. He’s the proven player with a quarterback who loves to dump off to RB’s. Powell might be great, but NYJ offense is still hard to read with a rookie quarterback and only one week of tape. Lindsay is unproven on the road…might be great, but it’s impossible to tell at this point.