Rank RB’s ROS

Rank these running backs rest of season: Ronald Jones, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Myles Gaskin, Jonathan Taylor.

Also, should I trade Ronald Jones and Dallas Goedart for Jonathan Taylor?

off the cuff I would say Taylor, Gaskin, Clyde, Rojo

mainly just because of lack of backfield competition.

Depends if you have a good TE, I think Goedart will be a top 5 tight end when he comes back, that position is brutal this year.

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My TE is Gronk right now. My other RB’ are Davis,CMC, and Carson

I would sit tight then. Dont think its a big enough upgrade and would hold out to hope for Goedert to ball out. if you can endup with a top tight end it is a massive advantage every week

Ok cool. How big of a gap do you see between Gaskin and Clyde rest of season? I can trade Clyde right now for Gaskin. Should I accept the trade or no?

If Clyde didnt just run for 200 yards I would say do it. But its hard to say what his role will look like. I think Clyde still handles most all of the rushing work for KC so he should be solid. And we dont know what Gaskin will look like with Tua under center. Tua could take some rushes away from him. I wouldnt make that trade yet but its not totally out of the question

Ok thanks man