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Rank ROS Maclin, Thielen, Parker


Rest of season, how would you rank Maclin, Thielen, & Parker in standard league. Thanks!


Standard league, so more emphasis on TDs over receptions… I’d probably put Thielen at the bottom since he’ll probably settle in as the slot guy and give way to Diggs for big plays and Rudolph/Cook for short yardage/red-zone looks.

As far as 1 and 2… my gut says Smokin’ Jay is going to deliver several long TDs to Parker this year (calling him a “faster Alshon”). But we haven’t seen them play a real game yet, so I’m hesitant to declare him a solid option.

Maclin, OTOH, is THE slot guy in Baltimore that will probably resemble a poor-man’s OBJ taking receptions to the house from a slant. Once Baltimore gets into some negative game scripts and is forced away from the “ground and pound” that they were able to execute in week 1 (and likely week 2 against the Browns), I’d say Maclin gets a lotttt of looks and scores 8-10 TDs this season. Full transparency: I’m a Ravens fan (though I shy away from their players in fantasy for obvious reasons).




Package them up and upgrade - they are all very close IMO in terms of their final positional rank. They all have decent upside (Thielen breakout, Parker new QB, Maclin new team). Hopefully one will emerge. I can’t even rank them lol.


This on is hard to rank. In standard, I am torn between Parker and Maclin for the #1 spot but thielen would is last.