Jonnu, Gesicki, and Hunter are all available. How do you rank? Or who would you roster of you had to pick one.

I think this is really close but i would rank Hunter Henry first. Jonnu Smith second and Mike Gesicki third. I think all three should be on rosters though


I would rank these players:
Jonnu (covid/missed game risk)

Gesicki has the highest upside, IMO.

Agreed! But I don’t think that upside will be realized this year without an injury to Preston Williams or DaVante Parker. FitzMagic just isn’t the guy to make 3+ reads on the field.

With Justin Herbert in as QB, Hunter Henry’s ROS projection and floor should be the highest of the three, IMO. I expect Herbert to play out the season.

Cool - I swapped Jonnu for Hunter (blocking higher end TE options since Jonnu on bye), and have Gesicki currently in lineup this week for what is projected to have Fitz throwing a lot to keep up.

Smith, Gesicki, Hunter for ROS in redraft.

Gesicki, Smith, Hunter in Dynasty