Rank the Bees

Ben, Brees, Bortles this week

seems you have them ranks accordingly already… could be Brees, Ben then bortles too. all good plays

Im thinking Ben over Brees (started Brees last week). Was only considering Bortles given Fournette is sitting.

Yeah i wonder if we can expect another big day from Keelan

Keelan and Grant

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Depends on pass td points and INts as Bortles brings some valuable rushing to the plate and we all know Ben brings sloppy play on the road. Brees jus looking consistent this season, as Ingram’s been out. Tough one, would depend on league settings as well as your opponent’s matchups/players

4 points per TD. Opponent is starting AB and Conner

I think considering that Flacons are missing defensive players for the rest of the year, we saw what Cam did to them late, seems as though Brees is the safest play here w/upside. I would put Bortles 2nd as Leo out and he’s at home, check weather there. And will have to rank Ben 3rd here due to his road woes since 2015.

I agrees Brees is the safer play. Ben hasn’t thrown more than 2 TDs on the road since 2015