Rank them 1-7 PPR

PPR Keeper league - 2RBs, 3WR, 1 flex(RB/WR/TE)

My team/keepers right now - WR Mike Evans, WR Davante Adams, WR Terrell Pryor

WR are obviously more important since it’s full PPR and it’s a 3WR 1 flex league

considering all this ^

Rank these guys from 1-7

  • Gurley
  • Demaryious T
  • Lamar Miller
  • Gronk
  • Demarco
  • Deandre Hopkins
  • fournette
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Alright here’s my stab at it:

  1. Rob Gronkowski (if he’s healthy, he’s a difference maker)
  2. Demarco Murray
  3. D. Thomas
  4. Nuke Hopkins
  5. Todd Gurley
  6. Lamar Miller
  7. Fournette

I’ll confess I’m never big on drafting rookies. Demaro Murray is going to catch plenty of passes in TN to keep high PPR value pretty high. I could be convinced Gurley should be higher than five because I believe in Sean McVay’s offense, but I don’t believe he’s going to catch any more than the ~40 passes he caught last year.


I agree with the above.

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Wow the Miller hate is strong.

Demarco - I am putting him top of the list, but realistically Henry just may take up to 30% more of his carries. Assuming that happened last year, it would put him just outside of the top 10. With the direction TEN is heading, I just don’t see Murray catching more balls than last year.

Miller - Most of the issues with Miller from last year was being new to a complicated offense, bad O-Line, and consistently stacked boxes. Just as Cooper is given credit for pass interference calls in the end zone, Miller was one step away from breaking a long run in almost every game last year. I have him breaking into the top 15 RBs.

Gurley - I just don’t think he is that talented at breaking tackles. Seems more like an open space runner, and the Rams aren’t the type of team to put him into space that often. RB 24 - 20 maybe.

Thomas - He is good for around 1000 yds, but not sure about the TDs. Seems Denver is getting back to the run game. Also you have 3 WRs already.

Gronk - NE has a bunch of new receiving options, a brand new RZ back in Gillibear, and Gronk hasn’t played 16 games since 2011.

Hopkins - He isn’t really that fast, he needs a QB to put a ball where he can compete for it in the air. That is where he is at his best. Savage can maybe do that, maybe not, it is just really hard to predict whether we are going to see 2015 Hopkins or 2016 Hopkins production.

Fournette - JAC is a team with a lot of question marks right now. If Fournette takes the majority of carries and pre-season game 3 I will buy in.

  1. DeMarco
    Demarco will be the lead, for at least half of the season. Henry is about to take on the role and just waiting on that opportunity. If you get DeMarco, the first half of the season TEN RBs have a great SoS. Trade DeMarco after his week 8 bye.

  2. Hopkins
    Hopkins ADP has dropped due to a bad QB situation last year. The QB situation has improved and I assess Hopkins will have a bounce back year.

  3. Gronk
    I am not a fan of Gronk at all this year and he will not be on any of my rosters. As previously stated, “good when healthy”. That’s why he is number 3. IF HE STAYS HEALTHY. But, after last season’s back injury…he is not worth the risk for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

  4. Gurley
    Gurley finished RB19 in my PPR league last year. Not bad, but not as good as everyone had him hyped up to be. With McVay coming in and the coaches designing a scheme to feature Gurley, he is a lock for a number 4 slot of these 7 players.

  5. DT
    I have DT currently listed as my WR22. 2016 was one of his worse years beside 2013 and he still got 90 receptions and 1000+ yards. With Siemian under center and McCoy have some word, I see similar numbers this year.

  6. Lamar
    Not much to say on Miller. Teams normally like to run more with new QBs, if Watson starts, Miller could get a bump here, but I would personally get Ingram over Miller.

  7. Leo
    The O-Line in front of Leo scares me a bit. However, he has a great SoS and with JAC working on his receptions…he might be worth a pick up. I do not think Leo is worth a 3rd round pick (where he is currently going), but I would snag him in the 4th.

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I have a few questions about your thoughts here:

2- Why would Hopkins bounce back specifically?
3- Odd putting someone you are sure isn’t worth the risk at #3?
4- I haven’t heard the team is designing the offense around Gurley, is that confirmed?
6- Miller finished 6 spots ahead of Gurley last year, you have both of them getting a bump, yet you have Gurley at 4 and Miller at 6?

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Good questions and I would be happy to explain.

2- Due to the improvement at the QB position. Sure the QB situation is not yet proven, but it could not get worse. Rookie QBs tend to lean heavily on the veteran WRs. I currently have Hopkins getting 1100+ yards and approximately 87 receptions. Hopkins was not far from those numbers under a bad QB and with these 7 players to rank…Hopkins is not to be overlooked as the number 2.

3- It is odd, but due to the high risk/high reward bonus here…Gronk deserves the 3 slot

4- There are a few articles out there, but here is one: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000818733/article/todd-gurley-has-been-loving-sean-mcvays-offense

6- I do not see Miller improving much this year and I do see Gurley improving. It’s that simple. The addition of Foreman with Miller does not help Miller’s situation. Foreman is a beast.

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2- That is do-able, in 2015 Hopkins had a 58% catch rate, so all he would need is 150 targets. With the 13.7 YPC he hits 1192 Yds. Those metrics aren’t his best or his worst.

3- Eh we disagree on him.

As far as Miller Vs. Gurley, I just look at Gurley’s tape and don’t believe in him. Miller was always a step away from something big. Gurley seems to struggle. We may just disagree on this one too.

But as for @roccomassey08’s roster, this looks like what he is considering a first or second round pick in a 3 keeper league and has no RBs. Do we agree Demarco round 1?

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3- Trust me, I hate Gronk. I do not want him at three either, but due to his ranking at TE’s and if he stays healthy, he deserves that spot.

Gurley vs Miller- I seriously think they are almost ranked the same. I see Miller getting slightly more rushing yards than Gurley. However, I see Gurley getting more targets and reception yards than miller and since this was a ranking in a PPR format, I had to put Gurley ahead of Miller.

Yes, from these 7, Demarco is number 1. If this is based only on a 2nd round pick, I would put Gronk at a lower ranking. He would likely go down to 6.

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@sarkazm78 @Guinness thanks for the feedback guys. Really good stuff… as I said it’s a 3 keeper league and I’ve already got Evans, Pryor, and Adams…

Demarco and Gronk are probably not going to make it to me at pick 1.12 … that’s wishful thinking… I think they are locked in as my number 1 and number 2 options iF hey are available

But after that, im undecided… these 7 guys are my options… part of me really wants a RB to pair with my keepers.(either Miller or Gurley)

But I realize Demaryious/D Hop might be a better option as my Flex in a PPR…

Personally, I’m leaning Gurley if I decide to go RB or Demaryious if I decide to go WR

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I would suggest Miller over Gurley, but @sarkazm78 likes Gurley over Miller.

I think the both of us would suggest RB for sure. User your gut. lol