Rank these 3 potential pick ups

I have three guys circled that I want to pick up for next week but can only grab one.

Donovan Peoples-Jones - A good receiver on a run first offense.

Brandon Aiyuk - Seems to be out of the doghouse and is playing better but concerned about a shift to Lance and his value disappearing.

Elijah Moore - Worried that this production is only due to Corey Davis being out.

How would you order these in priority of picking up?

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I would go Elijah Moore then Donovan Peoples Jones then Aiyuk.

I think the Jets will focus on Davis, Carter and Moore to finish out the season. They’re the guys that’ll be there next season so get them involved and know if they’re long term answers so I’m not overly concerned at Corey Davis return.

Peoples Jones I have concerns over volume but if he keeps catching long tds who cares. He’s probably biggest upside but biggest bust potential in my opinion.

Aiyuk might be, in fact probably is the most talented and proven. But I’m not ready to believe he’s back in favor yet. But it’s hard to see how they can support 2 wrs, a te whilst being run heavy and possibly switching at qb.


I know too many Higgins, Schwartz, etc names on Cleveland to believe big in DPJ until we see it consistently (1-2 more weeks 5+ target). In the meantime I’m Moore over DPJ over Aiyuk. Not scared of the QB change, just think Moore is the better talent amongst not much of an offense versus Aiyuk is 3rd at best with Kittle back. I think Aiyuk will do enough to scare you of benching him and not enough not to disappoint most games ROS. Moore won’t be much better but he’ll have opportunities to be that guy they drafted even once Davis returns.

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Like others here: Moore / DPJ / Aiyuk but I’d not mind Aiyuk over DPJ. I could see it.