Rank these 3 teams

A little background on how these teams cam about. I’m in a keeper/dynasty hybrid league. We have 24 roster spots and every year we keep 12 players. The remaining players that are not kept go into the draft pool along with the rookies.

We had a player retire from the league and so we ask the other 11 owners if they would like to disperse their team into a dispersal draft with the new owner. Meaning the retired team and the team being dispersed get thrown into a mini draft. Well, we had 3 people draft from 72 players (non snake) here’s how the rosters came out.

Please rank team A, B, and C in order from 1 to 3, 1 being the best team overall for how the league is set up.

Full Point PPR

Team A
RB Todd Gurley
WR Adam Thielen
RB Lamar Miller
RB Tarik Cohen
WR Michael Crabtree
TE Kyle Rudolph
WR Allen Hurns
WR Pierre Garcon
TE Delanie Walker
RB Chris Ivory
QB Kirk Cousins
DEF Philadelphia

Team B
RB Jordan Howard
RB Dion Lewis
WR Allen Robinson
WR Alshon Jeffrey
RB Isiah Crowell
WR Jamison Crowder
WR Cooper Kupp
RB Bilal Powell
WR Marquise Goodwin
QB Jimmy Garopollo
WR Kenny Golladay
RB James White

Team C
RB Mark Ingram
RB Kenyan Drake
RB LeSean McCoy
WR Jarvis Landry
RB Marlon Mack
RB DeVontae Booker
WR Will Fuller
QB Tom Brady
WR Dez Bryant
WR Jordan Matthews
WR Tyler Lockett
WR Keelen Cole

The players are in order in which they were picked.

Without knowing format and not having full details I’d say abc=123… but A loses points for drafting a DST…

It’s full point PPR. We still have yet to hold the main draft, but youre just judging based on these 3 teams so far.

It’s A >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> B >>> C with a significant drop from A -> B.

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Is Gurley the factor into the large split? Take Gurley off the team, do you still feel the same way?

For the record, neither of these teams are mine.

No it’s just a better team overall

I would agree with the other commenters. The order is Team A, B, C. I would say that there is a steep drop off between each team. And it is not based purely on Gurley. Team A is the only team that has a potential WR1.

I still consider team A better than the others w/o Gurley, but it’s definitely closer. Of course having the #1 overall player helps.

agree with all above…you ranked them already :wink: