Rank These Guys (Rest of Season)

Drop David Johnson for…

Danny Woodhead
Rob Kelley
Jonathon Stewart
Damien Williams (already have Drake on my roster)

12 team standard league.


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I am going to go woodhead - Stewart - Williams - Kelley

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wow, those 2 comments couldnt almost couldnt be more different haha interesting

Yep… I think it boosts what I was going to say first… I would stay away from all of them to be honest.

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I would actually change mine to Stewert>Woodhead>Williams>Kelley

I was under the impression Kelley was getting more touches, but when I actually looked at his workload, he hasn’t done much. Woodhead is definately more of a PPR guy and I’m not going to trust anyone in Miami backfield if Ajayi couldn’t get it done there.

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I just dropped Kelley lol. Washington likes to use Chris Thompson instead of Kelley these days. Stewart could be interesting now that they traded away Kelvin Benjamin. This would make McCaffrey act as a WR more and Stewart should get more touches.

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interesting theory. not sure how much stewart will be able to do with more touches, but thats never a bad thing…

Just a wild thought lol.