Rank these RBs

With pick 5, I’m Gna grab one of the top receivers first, but 2nd round best RBs I’m looking at is probably miller fournette lynch and gurley. I don’t really feel comfortable with and if these guys for my rb1, but in ur opinion, what order would u ran them? PPR

Miller, Lynch, Gurley, Fournette.

I think Miller and Lynch will be pretty similar though.

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I’m always cautious when buying a ticket aboard the Rookie RB Hype Train.

Between the other three, they are all very similar in that they are all VERY boom or bust. All have demonstrated greatness in the past and have potential to do so again.

I like Miller, Gurley, Lynch, Fournette.

At this point, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. As much research as we all do, sometimes a decision like this ends up being nothing more that a gut call.

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Fournette, Miller, Lynch, Gurley.

i have always said, dont be afraid of rookies. every player has their risks in every round. look at chances, opportunities, and skill. fournette will have all the opportunity in the world to prove himself. and he has the skill to do it. miller is in the same boat, coming off of a slightly disappointing year even though he did well. lynch has a great o line, but how well can the old man hold up? how long will it take him to get back to game ready? too many questions for me. and gurley, i just hate gurley. i dont see why people like him in fantasy. he doesnt produce, and his receptions are about to go down even further this year with dunbar there.

Fournette, Miller, Gurley, Lynch.

Disclaimer: I have Crowell ahead of all these guys, and I’d take him before any.

I don’t like Gurley or Lynch. I don’t think I’ll end up with them anywhere. Rams offense is so bad and I don’t like betting on them turning it around. I’m not convinced on Lynch’s durability coming back from hiatus, and I like Richard in OAK to steal passing downs away.

I’m good with Fournette and Miller. I think opportunity is there for both and neither is as big a risk (fournette debatable, but they picked him to play).