Rank these WRs rest of season

Full PPR- just curious how the community would rank these 3 WRs rest of season:
S Shepard, Q Enunwa, K cole

thoughts and comments much appreciated. Thanks!

After watching the Jags run a high school offense I lost some upside in Cole personally. In a full point PPR I’m not sure Cole will get the volume. The Jags would have to be down and with 7 past and present all-pro’s on that D I am not sure that happens often. Bortles also looked horrible. I have Cole stashed. Shepard was targeted multiple times and had over 5 catches. The game script also helped that. Giants were playing from behind the whole game. Enunwa seemed to be a security blanket for Darnold. As of right now, full PPR I’d go.

Quincy Shep Cole

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Enunwa, Shepard, Cole