Ranking draft spots 12 team league

My league is picking where we want to draft for this upcoming year (redraft). We have 12 teams, and I will be the 9th person to select my draft order. I was hoping you guys would rank (from 1-12) which pick you would want most to least this year. 1/2 ppr normal settings.

I am very happy drafting from the 3/4 spot because this still give you the opportunity to draft one of those top 4 RBs like CMC, Kamara, Zeke and Saqoun
So I rank those top 4 spots the highest but if you don’t get one those I don’t mind being around 9-12 area because you will get two elite players right away


Yeah, I am the 9th one to pick my spot, so I am pretty positive I won’t get a top 4 pick. I’m hoping I can land around 9-10 area. But assuming the only options left are 5,6,7,8 how would you rank those?

I think I would try and get 8 or 7 that way you can get a stack of players like D Adams and Todd Gurley or a Melvin Gordon/ JuJu stack something like that sort. I would look at ADPs around those draft positions and see what players you value most and go off that


I was thinking along the same lines. So maybe 4,3,2,1,12,11,10,9,8,7,5,6. Thanks for talking through it.

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Yea I like those rankings. Hope you get a good draft position

Full PPR:

I want Zeke or CMC ideally
next tier ends arguably at Kamara/Saquon(4), maybe Melvin Gordon or Hopkins(6).
I prefer to pick at the end of tiers to maximize picking earlier in the next round.
I also don’t mind picking around 10th this year as I’ve been able to get lots of WR/RB combos I love, like Michael Thomas / Dalvin Cook, or Julio Jones / Joe Mixon.

I have disliked my drafts more when picking around 7/8 unless my #5/6 guys fall a few picks.

Hope this helps

My order would almost be identical except switch 4 and 3 (just like Kamara slightly less than the others) and honestly think 10-12 are almost a tie in my mind. I just know for sure I want to avoid 5 through 7 and 8-9 are less appealing.