Rankings VS what is discussed on podcast

So looking at the rankings I am a bit confused. On the podcast it seems like the Fantasy Footballers are very excited for players like Kearse but in the rankings have them below players like Cole and Stills which they say are droppable. Why is there such an inconsistency??

Do footballers do weekly rankings? I thought those rankings were just for the draft. TBH, i don’t really look at ranking at all. I just go by my own research and feelings on who will be better ROS based on schedules, match-ups, etc. Especially when you get out of the top 50 players, rankings for these type of fringe guys is pretty much just dart throws. They’re all inaccurate.

Yeah the Fantasy Footballers do a weekly ranking for each position. But that makes sense, I try to gather information from all sources but rankings seem to always screw me up. Maybe I should stay away from them lol

They do I actually just submitted an email to them discussing the same thing. On the show they talk about players being done and completely droppable, and then list them as a top 10 player for the week… no sense

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Let me know if they get back to you, I’m curious to why they do this

The reason is as I said above. Like once you get outside the top 50 or so players, no analyst puts in the effort to actually rank them. It’s meaningless. They are all basically dart throws and very little separates like WR25 from WR36 or WR40 from WR64. There isn’t enough of a market for people caring about those rankings. People care about how the studs stack up, not fringe players who are waiver wire guys and sometimes not even roster worthy.