Rashad elite penney?

Is reshad Penney worth all this hype?? 3-5th round pick??

It’s tough to say especially with Penny going to the Seattle. I think his talent level might be worth that kind of hype but the seahawks O-line wont be making very many holes for a rookie to try to navigate through. Dynasty value way higher than 2018 redraft or bestball


Hard to tell at this point…

But the invest a first round pick on him…they want to go back to the running game and say they would absolutely use him as 3-down back and his skill set looks very juicy!

For me the price is right!

Like i said, dynasty>redraft this year. I think he barely gets over 1000 combined rushing/receiving yards this year but with added o-line help and time, Penny can be a stud

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Except saquon do you have another rookie RB higher as penny for redraft?
Royce, rojo or maybe another one?!

I think he’s talented (My RB4 before the draft), but I think he landed in maybe the worst place an RB could have landed (yes, really). I’d be scared to take him before the 6th or 7th pick.

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@DFWB d In a redraft scenario…where would you pick him?

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The best redraft rookie RB besides saquon will probably be Guice or Rojo given the competition behind them are pass catchers who have a designated role imo

Thanks for the input man very appreciated!!

Thanks for the help!!

I would draft him as a bench player, which means I probably won’t get him.

Opportunity trumps everything. There isnt another rookie outside of saquon thatll get the touches Penny will. Yeah the O line is a problem but Wilsons ability freezes linebackers and makes the backs job much easier. They changed O Line coaches, signed DJ Flucker and most of their O line are top 3 round picks so the talent is there. Everyone is sleeping on Penny.

You have to remember Melvin Gordon’s YPC has never been above 3.9 for a year yet is a great fantasy option because hes been getting 300+ touches. Not saying Penny is Gordon but touches = fantasy points.

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And Penny isn’t the talent Gordon is. A bunch of RBs have had opportunities there over the past few years. How’s that worked out?

If you’re referring to people with zero draft capital like Chris Carson and Thomas Rawls, then that’s a flawed argument. If you’re referring to washed up players like Eddie Lacy or injury prone players like Prosise, that’s also a flawed arguement. And Carson was playing well behind that line before he was injured. Talent wise, Penny is miles better than all of those players.

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To answer the actual question, I have a 4th round grade on him.

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