Rate my 10 Team half ppr Team

Any input would be appreciated. I have another draft soon and wan’t to know how to improve.

A-, great team but, honestly drop Rodgers. You have Mahomes. Unless he’s hurt you should never ever play anyone over him unless he’s on a bye. Pick up WR/RB depth.

Agreed with @richmonDOC and i’d honestly include AP as well, your rolling the dice already with Gibson so getting an older handcuff is just a wasted bench slot in my opinion, you could take a WR flier on a potential sleeper from the waiver rather than hold a guy in a position that you already have good depth in.

*Edit: So for your future drafts, if you intend to draft a top 5 QB (Mahomes, Lamar, Deshaun, Dak, or Wilson) then there’s no need to draft a 2nd, you can stream on the 1 week they have a bye week and you’ll be fine. And as far as handcuffs go, would only worry about them for the top 5-7 RB’s, after that you should take fliers for potential diamonds in the rough.

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