Rate my 10-team, PPR draft

10-team PPR. Format is as follows:

1 QB
2 RB
1 K
1 D
10 BENCH (because Covid)

Dak Prescott
Matthew Stafford

Alvin Kamara
Jonathon Taylor
Kareem Hunt
David Montgomery
Marlon Mack
Latavius Murray
Chris Thompson

Davante Adams
DJ Moore
DJ Chark Jr
Jarvis Landry
Darius Slayton
Jalen Raegor
Anthony Miller
Michael Pittman Jr


Guessing this is redraft? I like it much more if it is dynasty TBH. These are just my thoughts, and definitely not right/wrong.

Redraft: 8
Dynasty: 9.5

QB: Studs in both formats

RB: Punt there to go deep on WR which is great for dynasty. I think you landed more RB who are better in Standard / .5PPR. Dynasty: I would have gone JK Dobbins for pass catching and bell cow potential. Else they look good and you can add in fresh blood every season. Redraft: I smash RB early and often. Those top end guys tip the scales over WR.

WR: Solid in either format. IF dynasty, you knocked it out of the park.

Just my opinion here, but if it is redraft I do not see this as a top team. It could get there of course with your stout WR and sturdy QB, but RB appears to be a weakness for just this season. In dynasty the same holds for this year’s outlook, but you are in a great place moving forward with a tremendous WR core and young enough QB.

Nothing on your roster would make me feel bad. I think it looks like a pretty solid draft, I’d just have made those changes for redraft.

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WR List is frankly amazing, you got 3 top 12 starting WE and some pretty good depth. The downside of having those top 12 WR is that you have some serious problems at running back. I mean who is you’re RB2? To me its a toss up between Montgomery and Hunt. I’d say that list of running backs are risky all in their own ways, and as a core not the best either. If this is a redraft (I assume) I would attempt to move one of your WR and a depth RB (like Chark and Montgomery) for a more reliable early round RB, like a Jacobs or a Sander or even Mixon. I’m not a big fan of Kamara in terms of low risk, so id try to acquire another more safe running back

I agree with all of the above. RBs are a little weak (are you a Colts fan? - nothing wrong with picking players from your team, just curious lol), so I would try and make a package trade to upgrade to a stronger RB2. I’m also skiddish about Kamara after last year, but if he returns to form he’s amazing.

Good luck!