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Rate my accepted trade please


Hi Everyone,

I’ve just had a trade accepted and would like your thoughts on it please.

I have sent Crabtree and Jaron Brown - I Received M.Thomas

I sent this trade earlier in the week and forgot about it till this morning when it was excepted.

12 team standard scoring with 2 flex positions. My team is-
QB - Winston (streamed for this week) and A.Smith
Rb - Bell, Hunt, Monty, Martin, Riddick and A.Jones as cover for monty
Wr - A Humpfries (streamed for the week), Parker, Anderson, M.Jones
Te - Cook

I’m 3-1 and would have been 4-0 but I was second highest scorer playing top scorer last week
Love my Rb depth and wanted a stud WR to rely on rest of season. Lost faith in Crabtree with injury and Carr issues
Forgot i offered Brown as I would have liked to keep him



Also I’ve been told that someone might trade me D.Thomas and D.Baldwin for my M.Thomas and Smith


If not for the Carr injury, I’d say the Crabtree-Thomas move was roughly lateral, giving up Brown too, who I really like, would push it in his favor. With the injury, i think you come out on top, slightly.


Thanks, I have Crabtree in all my leagues but this is my main league of record and just wanted a solid floor at WR. Crabtree would give me this if not for Carr injury and the fact that whole offence seems off.
I admit I’m a bit gutted about Brown but I’m still shopping Monty around and I know an owner who likes him alot. He has sanders, tate, ingram, mccaffery and white on trade block.
He’s been open in past for a 2 for 1 with a combo of them