**Rate My Auction Draft

12-Team, PPR, $200 Auction, 2 keepers

Keepers - Thielen $8, Kupp $8


We can only keep players that we drafted the previous season, which is why I am waisting a BN spot on Kareem at $5, and I feel pretty comfortable with my depth. I also know I spent alot on Kamario but that’s because of the draft capital I had from my keepers being so inexpensive.

Honest opinions.

I’m not a fan of spending more than a dollar for a QB, K or DST, but overall you went and picked up good players.

Overall like a 7/10

In our particular league, it’s about impossible to get a decent QB at $1 because we have a few guys that always keep a backup QB on the BN. And I honestly wasn’t expecting to get Cam for $2, I was waiting for someone to bid him up and it never happened lol. But I’m not mad about it. The K and DEF were my last two selections and nobody could outbid me at $2 so I was guaranteed the K and DEF I wanted.

Fair points made.