Rate my chances - tough stretch coming up!

Standard 12 team league, I’m second place at 6-2 and third in points scored. The below teams are my main competition this year, we are 1st – 4th respectively and go into the championship playoffs weeks 15 and 16. I start my stretch of three weeks playing all of these teams, we should all win this week based on matchups so if we assume there are no great changes here how to you rate my chances over the next three weeks which will be telling for playoff seeding and my chances overall assuming I get in?

My Team and opponents are below, the (B) is for the guys they will be missing in our matchups, I only have Cook and Landry missing in week 10 and 11 so I’m not impacted that badly week 10 onwards.

QB – Cam
RB – Gordon
RB – Mixon
WR – Green
TE – Ertz
Flex – Allen or Kerryon
K – Bailey / Any
DST – Jags (stream)

BN – Cook / Kerryon or Allen as above / Ito / Cohen / Landry / Cowboys (streaming them week 9 so will replace)

Bumping up keen to get some views

how on earth did you get a roster like that in a 12 man league? sounds like anyone besides you 4 drafted nothing but scrubs

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You should make the playoffs barring some crazy events. Your team is stacked my dude. As far as what seed. No clue bud! But amazing job on putting together a solid Line up in a 12 team. Not sure how you have so many studs.

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The only surviving guys from my draft are Gordon, Cam and Kerryon lol. I had Baldwin, Josh Gordon, Fournette and Reed in there so by week 4 with loads of trading i managed to put this together. Ertz, Cook and Landry were recent trades from the bottom teams that i managed to ply away. The rest were lots of back to back trades etc but yeah i feel great about the team. OBJ and Allen were full tilts from the owner that i pounced on. I was just the most active.

I also used Conner week one to get the Bell owner to pay up so it’s just gone my way this year i guess lol. I don’t know who is the most concerning out of these three though i’m guessing the Gurley team by default given that he puts up QB numbers each week? (we’re 4pt passing TD league)