! - - Rate my draft - - ! 1 pt PPR, 6 pt QB td pass

League has 1 qb slot, 1 rb, 2 wr, 2 flex, 1 dst, 1 k.

First year with two flex instead of two RB. Everyone went depth heavy on WR so I focused on RBs

Stafford should work out well in a 6 pt passing TD league. Burton is great to have in the 8th round. As you said, ample RBs.

Certainly feels top end loaded at WR. If either Allen or Thielan miss, you will be forced to start Cobb or Moore or a waiver WR. I might try and do a trade involving Cobb for Edelman or Jeffrey, they could be a WR2 after the first few weeks that you can get for a song.

How many teams?

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12 teams, work league with a few first timers. Good thinking to target players not starting the season but with real upside once they come back

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