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Rate my draft. 10 man standard


Luck, Dalton
Nelson, Bryan, Watkins, Decker, Marshall
Murry, Hyde, Hunt, Martin, Gillislee, Lacy
LA Def


I didn’t like this at first, but the more I looked at it, I get what you were trying to accomplish with the Luck/Dalton combo. I still don’t get the need to draft 2 when you can only play one. It’s a rare draft where you can pull off Nelson, Murray, and Gronk, so I like that assuming you picked up Gronk in round 3. Gillislie and Marshall will probably frustrate you and I can think of many many players there that I would rather have. Lacy could be the Blount of last year at the goal line, but I don’t expect much more than that. Overall, I’m ok with your team. Oh, yeah, I love Martin when he gets back.


I got Luck in the 10th. I had to get Dalton for my last pick because Luck might be out a few weeks. I hope Martin is the Martin of old so I can trade him for a better WR.