Rate my draft 10 team PPR, 3WR, 1 flex, QB TD 6points

2nd pick of the draft, went pretty standard, more WRs going early so I stocked up on RBs. People started going crazy on TEs around the 9/10th round, with some picking 2, I was hoping T. burton would fall to me but he didn’t so I just punted the position for a weekly streaming option.

1.2 Lev bell RB
2.9 Davante Parker WR
3.2 D. Freeman RB
4.9 G. Tate WR
5.2 L. Mccoy RB
6.9 R. Wilson QB
7.2 M. Lynch RB
8.9 R. Anderson WR
9.2 P. Garcon WR
10.9 K. Johnson RB
11.2 R. Penny RB
12.9 R. Cobb WR
13.2 Ty Montgomery RB
14.9 Denver Def
15.2 J. Tucker Kicker
16.9 G. Kittle

looks solid to me. Nicely done. I’m jealous