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Rate My Draft - 10 team standard league


Please rate my draft - 10 team standard league with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, DST and K for the starting lineup.

Drafted from the 4th position - round by round:

|Round 1|Ezekiel Elliot|
|Round 2|Davante Adams|
|Round 3|Jordon Howard|
|Round 4|Stefon Diggs|
|Round 5|Demaryius Thomas|
|Round 6|Jarvis Landry|
|Round 7|Zach Ertz|
|Round 8|Dion Lewis|
|Round 9|Russell Wilson|
|Round 10|Pierre Garcon|
|Round 11|Rod Smith|
|Round 12|Peyton Barber|
|Round 13|Texans D|
|Round 14|Mason Crosby|

Many Thanks!