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Rate my draft! 10 team standard


QB Dak Prescott

RB Devonta Freeman
RB Ezekiel Elliott

WR Jordy Nelson
WR Demaryus Thomas

FL Mike Gillislee

TE Zach Ertz

BE Devante Adams
BE CJ Anderson
BE Jeremy Maclin
BE Donte Moncrief
BE Doug Martin

D/ST Steelers
K Mason Crosby


How many teams make the playoffs? Zeke and Doug on one team puts a massive hole in your roster at the beginning of the year and if Gilli flops and CJ keeps being hot and cold you could be headed for a disastrous start.


i agree. too many maybes, and what ifs for my tastes. you have tremendous RB potential. and you are solid at WR (for your starters) but, if dougie fresh comes back and is a dud, if zeke gets his suspention pushed back to week 10, if CJ anderson cant stay hot or even just loses his job, if if if if. but, it could also be beautiful how it works out. just be prepared to make some big time trades.


I’m not worried about making the playoffs, I just couldn’t pass Zeke up at
the 3.10 spot.


Dak’s going to have a tough time until Zeke comes back.

RB corps are going to struggle

Nice receivers, TE

I love the Steelers defense! Weeks 1-5 are golden matchups!