Rate my Draft 12 man Standard

I picked 5th in a 12 man standard league 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex, 1 D/St, 1 K, 15 rounds.
Round 1 Zeke
Round 2 McCaffrey
Round 3 Baldwin
Round 4 Diggs
Round 5 D. Lewis
Round 6 Watkins
Round 7 A. Jeffrey
Round 8 Burton
Round 9 M. Williams
Round 10 L. Murray
Round 11 Allison
Round 12 Rivers
Round 13 Clement
Round 14 Yeldon
Round 15 J. Elliott

I’m going to have to drop someone to pick up a streaming D/St for week one, but wanted to see how this holds up

Nah I’m playing solid team. Some good luck and watch the waviers and you’ll be in the playoffs, chance to be in the championship.

You may need to grind the waivers here and there, especially if Jeffrey ends up on the PUP and misses 6 weeks, but you’ve got decent depth. I like the top of the roster with zeke and mccaffrey and diggs is one of my favorite WR2s this year. Any championship team features risk and in-season management so you’re not done yet, but this is a solid start

Yeah good in season management is what takes you to the ship! I’ll definitely be making sure to keep my roster up to date! I appreciate the feedback!