Rate my draft - 12 team ppr, drafted from the 11 spot

You are really hurting at RB. WRs are great, but you may have sacrificed too much to get them

agree with that.

your basically starting Gordon\Barber

I might try a trade to get another for sure RB starter.

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Or Gordon/Powell since it’s PPR

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maybe but Jet’s will come out rocking Crowell as RB.1

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I wasn’t all that excited about my options at RB in the 3rd, 4th & 5th rounds. But the Carlos Hyde owner is interested in making a trade. But I want to push for Jordan Howard. He was gonna be my target in the 3rd round.

Powell seems to always get significant PT. I’m confident that Murray and Barber as well.

at least barber is going to start

Rojo is not taking that job pulling 10 carries for 4 yards

Murray will do great and get 2 td’s one game then get 5 points the next