Rate my draft 12-team PPR Keeper league-10th spot

QB Tom Brady 12th Bench Christian Kirk 8th
WR1D.J Moore 5th Bench Keke Coutee 9th
RB1 Saquon Barkley 1st Bench Baltimore Ravens 10th
RB2 Kerryon Johnson 2nd Bench Devin Singletary 11th
TE Geore Kittle 4th Bench Mitch Trubisky 14th
W/T Tyler Boyd 6th Bench Ito Smith 15th
W/R Chris Carson 3rd
K Robbie Gould 13th
DEF Chicago Bears 7th


For a full PPR league I have concerns over your WR corps.

Boyd has shown to be worse without AJ Green
Kirk is a big risk in Arizona
Coutee is at least third in line for targets
DJ Moore could easily be usurped by Curtis Samuel as the #1 in Carolina, and could find himself behind Samuel, CMC and even Olsen for targets

You also took two QBs which I’m never a fan of in a 1QB league, you took a TWO DEFENSES, and ONE with a 7th round pick! Took a kicker using not your last pick, and your bench RBs won’t help you on bye weeks.

It’s not good man. Sorry.

Being a keeper league once we got to the 7th round it was crap shoot. Everyone but me had 8-15th round keeper so the top 40 wrs were gone in 5 rounds. For instance josh Gordon went in the 3rd people were reaching all night

You’re looking quite gross at WR honestly. And taking Chi in the 7th was a mistake, but that’s ok - live and learn. And I agree with above statement, never take two Ds or QBs in a draft. Even if it’s becoming a crap shoot, look for high upside rookies or 2nd years.

I’d look to package Chris Carson and either DJ Moore or Boyd for a major upgrade at WR.

yep i have all the same thoughts. no matter how crap shooty it gets, just keep on fire bullets into it until something hits. getting the top ranked DEF does help your team… but never enough to warrant an early pick. plus the clear cut number 1 last year was the jags, and if you got them you were very disappointed because of where you had to draft them.

so the big things i would change right away, drop brady for someone else, WR or RB preferably, get rid of which ever D you want less and do the same thing. i would also drop your K if your league will allow it, and hold onto someone else with potential until you have to pick a kicker back up.

all in all, it could have been worse. youre super strong at RB, and you got kittle in the 4th which is good value for him. i would have gone WR there myself, but if you are going to go TE early, the 4th for my number 2 TE is pretty good. i think you have a decent eye for talent because a lot of your late guys have potential. just need to work on your drafting and you will be set my man.

and as always, no matter how bad it looks after a draft, or how good… remember that the season hasnt even started yet and neither has the real work. you can turn this team into a monster if you do it right. you have the pieces for sure.

Gotta hit the waivers hard got six guys without kickers and defense so I’ll have options there.

You don’t need 2 QB’s, you don’t need 2 D’s. Should’ve worked your depth