Rate my Draft - 12 Team Superflex Keeper

Alright footclan, I’ve done my fair share of critiquing of other posts on this site so here’s your chance to fire your shots on my draft! AS some of you might have seen, I’ve been a big proponent of zero-RB draft strategy when picking from late and that’s what this is. For more on approach, see here:

It’s a bit more complicated cause I originally had the 1.04 but swapped 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th round picks with the guy picking from the 1.10 slot.

Roster rules: QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, Superflex - Essentially a 2QB league, 9 bench
Keeper rules: Can keep 3 players drafted in round 6 or later. This is the startup year draft.
Scoring: 0.5 PPR, 6pt passing TD/-4 pt INT, bonus scoring for 100 yards rushing/receiving, and 200 yards rushing receiving, and 300/400/500 yards passing.

Round 1: OBJ (traded pick)
Round 2: Nuk (traded pick)
Round 3: Gronk
Round 4: Cooper (traded pick)
Round 5: Lamar Miller
Round 6: Big Ben (traded pick)
Round 7: Watkins
Round 8: Mariota (traded pick)
Round 8: Kerryon (traded pick)
Round 10: Latavius Murray
Round 11: Aaron Jones
Round 12: Trey Burton
Round 13: Anthony Miller
Round 14: Chris Godwin
Round 15: Baker Mayfield
Round 16: Chase Edmonds
Round 17: Keelan Cole
Round 18: Hunter Henry (so I can keep him for 17th round cost next year and put on IR)

I already know some of the mistakes I made in this draft but would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts.

I like your first 3 picks. Also coopers not a bad pick. I’m a Lamar miller fan but I would hate if he was my RB1. If Kerryon steps up tho it’s not bad Murray will still get goal line TDs. Also smart for the Henry pick and keep. I also like trey burton

Thanks. Yeah so with the zero RB strategy, I’m not going to have great options as my first RB. The success of the strategy completely relies on my ability / luck with my mid/late round RB picks who could potentially blow up. Guys like Kerryon/Aaron Jones/etc.

Miller is typically my top target cause I think he’s someone who will get 60%+ of the carries in a pretty solid offense involved in both passing/ground game and zero to no competition. I’d just say that in those weeks with Watson, miller was actually the RB8. Don’t expect him to reach that again, but even if he returns me low end Rb1 figures, I would be extreme happy.

I normally never draft 2 TEs, but my league went like super anti TE to the point where it got ridiculous. Now some of them have garbage TEs and at 12th round, if burton works out, figure it would be a decent enough trade piece for me to use once those other teams get desperate.

Overall for a zero RB with the superflex I like it. Obviously those first three picks, nailed it with the studs having the monster that is Gronk and very likely two of the top 3 WRs on the season is a seriously strong core. Love the upside of Cooper as well, I like his value right now given his talent and opportunity if he gets enough targets which he has to surely this the year right?!

Like the Henry idea and Burton too, if Gronk walks away next year you can at least stem the points loss to hopefully a decent TE1 in Henry or Burton over having to stream and this year Burton is good cover.

I like the WR upside guys late, the QBs again happy with them Baker looks the real deal and if the Browns play to their talent level he could be really good. Mariota covers your rushing QB with upside and Big Ben while frustrating has so many weapons if he goes off it’s usually a big points haul just have to watch his home/road splits but has QB1 upside given the gunslinger attitude and weapons.

RBs, in zero RB fully agree Miller is the way and as you say could be the most underrated RB1 in the draft right now if all goes well in Houston. Not a fan of the core for the opening weeks, I think you’ll have to wait on Kerryon for maybe 2-4 weeks for him to evict Blount. Jones though I like the gamble but you will be hurting for at least 2 weeks maybe more at RB so will need the WRs and Gronk to carry you. Though with minimal weapons in NE for the first 4 Gronk will ball out so it’s good risk aversion while your RBs hopefully catch up. Murray almost forgot, actually might be useful it’s hard to call exactly as hevand Cook have never been healthy at the same time but probably goaline and maybe clock management could go to him, ideally a 30%-40% if the carriers would be gold for your RB group again risky but priced correctly so no big drama.

The guy I don’t like and week 3 if the preseason will tell more is Watkins. It’s super early but I’m not convinced, money or not, that he’s going to be the number 1 there at least not until Hill loses it. From what I’ve seen and heard at least. Given your thin and risky RB core I would prefer a better/more proven consistent option there to round out my WR strength and as protection incase Cooper really is a bust. Not sure on the options though but just my one concern after the RBs.

But overall nice job, looks and sounds like a competitive draft and easy to lose your footing in and reach or bail on a strategy so nice work!

Totally agree with you here. Matt Ryan got sniped right before my pick or I would have taken Ryan. And normally, I am a strong advocate against drafting Big Ben but in this league, we have QB Bonuses. 3 points for 300 yards +, 4 points for 400 yard+, and 5 points for 500 yard+. And big ben is one of the few guys that can hit those milestones and getting him this late seemed okay. That’s essentially adding another TD upside in those boom weeks. I wish I had another QB the league is hyper competitive so its hard to get value. Someone did just waive Teddy B so i might go snag him up.

Your assessment of my RB core is spot on too. One thing I could have done is taken Lynch. He went immedietely after I took Kerryon. But the reason why I didn’t is cause its a keeper and I love kerryon long term. Being able to keep him next year for a 7th round pick was too juicy. And in the league, the rookies I would normally target went fast cause its keeper and like I said, the league is very in the know. I share with them all the resources I use to try and keep it that way. More fun IMO. And I will definitely be hurting the first 2 weeks but if my risks pay off, I’m in business going into the playoffs. And I think having Gronk will make up a lot for what I lack in RB when I face off vs other teams as they are rostering much worse at TE and WR.

You spotted my one big regret right away so kudos. This was my major misfire. It was before the 2nd pre season game so I didn’t know as much yet but I should have taken Royce Freeman here. Who went the pick right after this one. I realized my mistake right when I made it. Going to see if I can swing a trade but all the guys in my league are super defensive and always assume I’m ripping them off cause they know how intense I am when it comes to fantasy. We’ll see what happens.

My entire season rests on whether or not Aaron Jones or Kerryon works out. If either of them turns into a productive high end RB2 or RB1, I think I am pretty good shape.

Ah man that’s a shame on Ryan, always the pick before as well just when you think a guy is falling into your lap. Yes Teddy could be a good grab, i’m sure some kind of trade is coming even if he ends up with a few starts for the Jets he has looked pretty good considering his absence.

I like the Kerryon over Lynch for the reasons you outlined, would have done the same, and yes having the positional advantage of Gronk and strong WRs will cover the RB position against TE/WR poor teams.

Shame on Watkins but as you didn’t have the same picture we have now it’s just one of those hindsight is a wonderful thing moments. Though it makes it worse that it was Royce you passed on though, considering the need at RB and next season you’d have a great core of RBs/WRs/TEs with him and Kerryon in there. Could try a trade but as you say if people know what they’re doing you’d be lucky to get decent value before this week 3 game, guys want to see the reads and targets etc but worth a shot at least.

Yeah. I just haven’t been very high on Royce. Feel like he’s a very middle of the road talent but opportunity is king and that should be there. I’ve also been pretty low on Case Keenum and denver offense as a whole. And one of my top rules is going after RBs in good offenses with high TD upside. But now watching Royce a bit, he’s definitely grown on me. That was one of my biggest misses for sure.

With Watkins, the only bright side is I do see them moving him around a lot in the formation between X, flank and slot. Was nearly a 50/50 split between slot and X. I do value pre season usage a lot more over pre season stats but it was not encouraging to see he hasn’t made any catches. My only hope is that he has a huge splash performance and I make a move then.

Definitely my biggest regret of the draft.

Made a trade for Michel. Tried to get Freeman but he’s too attached. Trading Baker mayfield + Watkins for Michel + Golladay. Puts me thin at QB for the year but I am a big Michel truther and if he does play, I think there’s a good shot he finishes as an RB1.

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