RaTe My DrAfT 12team .5PPR 9th spot

1:Saquon Barkley
2:Dalvin Cook
3:Amari Cooper
4:Royce Freeman
5:Marvin Jones
6:Cam Newton
7:Trey Burton
8:Kerryon Johnson
9:Kelvin Benjamin
10:Isaiah Crowell
11:Sterling Shepard
12:Tyler Lockett
13:Geronimo Allison
14:Buffalo Bills DEF

QB: Cam Newton
RB: Saquon Barkley
RB: Dalvin Cook
WR: Amari Cooper
WR: Marvin Jones
FLEX: Royce Freeman
TE: Trey Burton
DEF: Buffalo
BN: Kerryon Johnson
BN: Kelvin Benjamin
BN: Isaiah Crowell
BN: Sterling Shepard
BN: Tyler Lockett
BN: Geronimo Allison

I’d say an A your opponents must of been rookies lol. But your def is a lil weak lol

I would say B. I am a little concerned with your WR core. I believe its a little boom bust there. I think your stout with RB. I don’t like the Buffalo D but I don’t know what def is available to replace with and you will most likely stream that position.

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I’d go B/B+. The WR core is a little tough with some boom/bust guys like had been mentioned. But I like your RB depth, so you might be able to find a trade to improve your WR depth if you feel the need. Bills D against Ravens is ok, but I am assuming you plan to stream that position so should be fine. Nice draft

really really dont like your WRs. cooper and jones… a lot has to go right for that combo to work out. i think you did a nice job with your bench WRs though. 3 guys that could surprise there. good news is, you are a monster at RB. i would give this a B+ right now. would be a solid A with someone else besides cooper. but thats just me not liking the player for fantasy. or if you had a more stable WR2 like his counter part golden tate.

Thanks for the insights. I’ll look to improve my WR stability a few weeks in if needed. Yes to streaming D. Detroit is on the waiver so might swap for that.