Rate my draft - 7th spot

16 team league, Full PPR from 7th spot, Snake draft:

Roster - QB,RB,WR/RB,WR/TE,WR/RB/TE,WR/RB/TE,K,IDP and 6 bench spots

Pick Number Player
1.7 Saquon Barkley, NYG
2.10 Christian McCaffrey, CAR
3.7 Jordan Howard, CHI
4.10 Jay Ajayi, PHI
5.7 Corey Davis, TEN
6.10 Rex Burkhead, NE
7.7 Matt Ryan, ATL
8.10 Nelson Agholor, PHI
9.7 Devante Parker, MIA
10.10 Allen Hurns, DAL
11.7 Kwon Alexander, TB
12.10 Giovani Bernard, CIN
13.7 Eric Ebron, IND
14.10 Steven Hauschka, BUF

i mean, you got great value in the first 3 rounds with those RBs but you killed your WR core. but oddly enough, that doesnt really matter all that much. you dont actually have to play a single WR in that format which i find so odd. i can dig this draft. starting ryan, barkley, CMC, howards, burkhead, davis or hurns in a 16 man will get you a lot of wins. its just the format that throws me off.

I’m not gonna pretend to understand your flex setup but i will say I love the way you loaded up on RBs with some high upside receivers in later rounds, very well done. I don’t like Matt Ryan in the 7th, so that brings it down to an A- for me

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15 QBs had been taken by the time I picked up Matt Ryan in the 7th, 9 QBs gone before the start of the 4th! haha I didn’t feel confident I would get someone decent if I continued to wait!

I have mixed emotions about this draft! First 16 team league and a weird roster configuration they setup, but felt like it would make things fun. Everyone was very QB/WR heavy at the beginning of the draft so I felt like the RBs I picked up at the beginning will pay off week over week!

I see where you’re coming from, and that definitely explains how you got all those RBs in a 16 team league. Food for thought (and mostly just me playing devil’s advocate): if 15 QBs were gone, then everyone else (theoretically) already had a QB, and likely most of them would be panicking at other positions and probably not in a hurry to take a second QB. I realize I’m assuming rational behavior in a group that drafted 9 QBs in the first 4 rounds, so props to you for being the last to cave (the right decision). That said, if you’re the 16th person to take a QB you may as well stream anyways, and the position is as deep as I can remember it ever being this year (keenum, bortles, and goff are startable options in the right matchup).
Splitting hairs at this point, you’ve got a great team and I’d expect you to be in the playoffs come December

EDIT: Got it. Missed the 16 team league part.

|1.7|Saquon Barkley, NYG| - This is good value. Could make argument for him at 6 or 5, but this is totally fine.
|2.10|Christian McCaffrey, CAR| - Big fan of CMac, so love the pick. Great Value.
|3.7|Jordan Howard, CHI| - Another good pick but given you have Barkley and CMac, I would’ve started looking at WRs by this point. But can’t argue with Howard in the mid 3rd.
|4.10|Jay Ajayi, PHI| - Not a big fan of Ajayi after going triple RB. Would’ve much preferred some WRs around this area.
|5.7|Corey Davis, TEN| - I love Davis, but not as my WR1. Might take another year to develope
|6.10|Rex Burkhead, NE| - Don’t love this pick. Again, no WRs and injury concerns. If you wanted more RB depth here, would’ve probably went with another option. I.e. lynch/williams/jones who should be similar range.
|7.7|Matt Ryan, ATL| - Hate this pick, way too early for QBs.
|8.10|Nelson Agholor, PHI| - Not an Agholor fan at all. Having him as my WR2 scares me.
|9.7|Devante Parker, MIA| - Not a fan of Parker but getting him at this position is okay
|10.10|Allen Hurns, DAL| - Like the pick here
|11.7|Kwon Alexander, TB| - I don’t know much about IDP so can’t comment
|12.10|Giovani Bernard, CIN| - Don’t mind him as a late round flier
|13.7|Eric Ebron, IND| - Don’t mind this either
|14.10|Steven Hauschka, BUF| - do you have to draft a kicker? Would’ve preferred you just draft another player.

It’s a 16-team league so he picks 7th on the odd rounds and 10th on the even rounds.

One of the godfathers of Fantasy Football, Paul Charchian, preaches a “do the opposite” strategy at the draft. If your league drafts RB heavy, you do the opposite and grab WRs. If there’s a rush on QBs, just be patient and wait. It looks to me like you did a fine job of doing the opposite. While others were diving for WRs, you stocked up on good RBs and looked for WR value in later rounds. I like the RBs you got, especially if Howard gets more involved in the passing game as the Bears seem to want him to. And I think you played to the odd lineup needs of your league well.

I also play in a league where QBs fly off the board early. I’d love to wait until the 10th round to draft a QB, but by then, even in an 8-team league the first 16-18 are off the board. I think you’ll be fine with Ryan at QB.

I played in a 16-team league once and drafted at the turn. I was determined to wait on QB. By the 6th or 7th round everyone had a QB so I figured I was safe to wait another time around the block. But when it came back to me again, another 7-8 QBs were off the board. I got value while waiting, but man was it a struggle at QB in the early part of the season until I made a trade for an upgrade at QB.

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