Rate my draft? Full PPR 10 Team

1st Round 10th Pick) Josh Jacobs
2nd Round 1st Pick) DeAndre Hopkins
3rd Round 10th Pick) Chris Carson
4th Round 1st Pick) DJ Moore
5th Round 10th Pick) Jonathan Taylor
6th Round 1st Pick) Cam Akers
7th Round 10th Pick) Mark Ingram
8th Round 1st Pick) Marvin Jones Jr.
9th Round 10th Pick) Jamison Crowder
10th Round 1st Pick) Hunter Henry
11th Round 10th Pick) Matthew Stafford
12th Round 1st Pick) Colts D/St
13th Round 10th Pick) Mecole Hardman
14th Round 1st Pick) Harrison Butker
15th Round 10th Pick) Drew Lock
16th Round 1st Pick) Marlon Mack

I think you are a little thin at guaranteed RB depth. There’s lots of potential upside, but that’s not something that I’m personally comfortable with.

Edit: I do like that late-round Mack pick.

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Curious as to why you picked a 2nd qb? Who else was available that you might have passed up on?

Everybody else picked up a 2nd QB. Nothing much left to stream just in case I don’t like Stafford for a week here and there. I don’t know why but I feel like Drew Lock is gonna have a really great year.

You have any suggestions for like trades or pick ups?

I’d see if you can sell the hype of Akers and Taylor for someone who actually has a defined role. For some reason, a lot of people are convinced that those two guys, especially Taylor, are sure-things. While that may pan out, Mack isn’t going to stop being used. Try and capitalize on that.

I’d also see if James Robinson is available. He was named the starter in Jacksonville. Yeah, it’s Jacksonville, but if he becomes ‘the guy’ for a few weeks while Armstead is on the Covid list, then he could be worth something.

source: https://twitter.com/BrentASJax/status/1303104837828182019?s=20

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