Rate my draft... kind of surprised Yahoo rated it poorly

Hey everyone - was hoping to get some input on my draft results. I got 9th pick in a 10 team league, Standard scoring, 1 QB/2 RB/2 WR/1 TE/ 1 Flex/ 1 DST / 1 K

QB: Brady (R11)
RB: Chubb (R2), Carson (R3), D. Johnson (R5), Montgomery (R8), Dobbins (R10), K. Johnson (R13)
WR: Thomas (R1), Golladay (R4), A. Cooper (R6), Woods (R7), Edelman (R12)
TE: Engram (R9)
DST: New England
K: Elliot

Any thoughts on where the weak points/opportunities to improve are? We had a few teams that autodrafted so there is plenty of opportunity for trade offers.

I think you’re pretty solid all around in all honesty, QB you could probably look at, only to upgrade to a scrambling QB (But I think Brady’s gonna be throwing like a boss so wouldn’t shame you for sticking with him) and your DST has me a tad worried, a lot of starters left or opted out this season, so I don’t think we’re gonna see as strong a defense as we did last season. But overall I really dig the team.

But Yahoo’s grading system really only takes into account where you drafted someone compared to where Yahoo suggests they go, so if you reach on someone you believe in, or pick up a handcuff it automatically docks you. I’ve had horrible scores years I thought I killed it, and years I thought I only did alright, I got A-/A/A+. It’s kind of inconsistent.

Some risk in your RB2 and 3 and Cooper will probably get hurt at one point because he always does. worst case scenario is your struggling at flex at one point. Overall a good team though.

I think you’re solid. I’ve learned not to trust yahoo ratings, they put alot of emphasis on total points scored throughout the season and thus tend to weigh QBs disproportionately, especially if you only draft one (cause they’ll have a 0 there on your bye week). I’m with you on waiting on the QB and only taking one.

Yeah, I left my QB pick go real late and miscalculated when teams/autodraft would start grabbing 2nd QBs. I am fine seeing how Brady does and stream if needed. Same goes for DST - happy to experiment or play the matchups week over week.

For Yahoo, the only players it said I reached for were Carson (-4) and D. Johnson (-7). I get that there is some built in risk at QB, RB, and TE - but a C+ grade seems low. Top teams though I think have a stronger starting line-up but less depth. As a comparison, Fantasypros ranking has my team ranked #1 for ROS.

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Yeah, I had planned to go 2 RB to start the draft, but when Thomas fell to the 9th spot, I felt like I had to pull the trigger.

Keeping my eye on the Penny/Hyde situation in case of a Carson injury. And I have some ok depth in my Flex if Johnson busts.

Cooper was also a value pick, I didn’t want the injury risk but he fell further down on the board so I didn’t use too high a pick for him.

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I believe your top two WRs Cooper + n Golladay will be outperformed by your next two Edelman + Woods. Try to package them in a trade to get an Elite WR, lean on uour Cowboy Fans.

Good Luck

Well, my top WR is Thomas :slight_smile:

But you are suggesting to package Golladay and Cooper for what ? Adams, Hill, Jones?

I missed the fact that you had Thomas. Overall you are good, if you can try and trade Carson straight up for CEH.

Ah ok hah
Carson for CEH won’t work since CEH owner has week RB depth so they wont want to give away their top guy.