Rate my Draft Please 12 team PPR!

12 Team PPR 4 pt qb
4th pick overall snake draft
Rd 1: Le’Veon Bell
Rd 2: OBJ
RD 3: Josh Jacobs
RD4: Tyler Lockett
RD 5: Mike Williams
RD 6: Tevin Coleman
Rd 7: Miles Sanders
Rd 8: Dante Pettis
Rd 9: Mark Andrews
Rd 10: Lamar Jackson
Rd 11: Marquez Valdez Scantling
Rd 12: Kallen Ballage
Rd 13: Anthony Miller
Rd 14: Justice Hill
Rd 15: Texans D
Rd 16: Adam Vinatieri

Solid B+ for me, good starters and studs and good depth.

I don’t like Bell at 1.04 at all though or even round 1 TBH. I assume the big RBs went by then but I would have gone Adams or Hopkins I’d they were there as it’s full PPR, OBJ at the back of the 2nd is insane value. Then hoped Carson got to me.

Otherwise good job and nice late round QB and TE pick ups who also look to stack nicely this year.

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Yeah I was torn on who to pick at #4. Looking back probably should have gone Adams or Hopkins you’re right

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You have to take your shot with who you think is best but I’d say even zeke is less risky than Bell in a new offense with the b-hole. Hopkins/Adams with OBJ and the RBs you have would have been awesome. Overall great job though.

Nice. I’m not sure who was available, but from the outside looking in, I would’ve switched the 3 and 4 picks. Meaning I think there would have been more value at WR in RD 3. Given you went with a stud RB Rd 1, then picked up Sanders and Coleman later (two potential RB2/3 guys). Lockett is risky to me even as a WR2.