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Rate my Draft Please


Standard scoring 12 team league - 1QB, 2 WR, 2 WR, 1 TE, DEF, K

Andy Dalton
Ryan Tannehill
Marshawn Lynch
Isaiah Crowell
Mike Gillislee
Frank Gore
Theo Riddick
Antonio Brown
Sammy Watkins
Michael Crabtree
Jeremy Maclin
Kyle Rudolph
Dan Bailey

I was third pick. Really wanted Zeke but got scared off by the potential suspension. Regretting it a little…



So 4 WRs and no RBs, interesting. lol

I think you NEED one of your RBs to become an RB1, which could happen. I love your combination of safety mixed with high upside players. This is a potential #footclantitle build.



Your WRs are great, but RBs are sketchy. I would look to trade with someone who has the opposite situation and trade for a top level RB. If Crabtree or Maclin mixed with Crow or Marshawn can get you a Freeman or Shady type RB, I would do it.


Haha. Whooops - man I think I’m still wired after my draft that I can’t think straight! I think you and @Harpersdad arekind of making the same point that the RBs are a bit risky. I didn’t really want Lynch to fall to me, I was literally one pick away from Getting Lamar Miller which I would have been much happier with but alas no. If Lynch gets the same opportunities as Murray last year (and stays healthy) then I’ll be super happy. I don’t like the risk though. I had him in his last season and he was a major letdown.

QBs were all going super early, to the point I had to fetch Dalton in the 8th. That kinda sucked but had to reach for him before I ended up with Tannehill as my starter.


I will clarify that I don’t agree with he trade. I expect either Gilli or Lynch to be an RB1 end of season, just not sure which. Crow as an RB2 is good, and Gore for bye weeks.


If free agency is open for your league, the one change I’d make is to drop one of your QBs (whichever has the worse early season schedule) and pick up another high-upside guy for the first several weeks of the year.

Drafting the QBs you did, I’m assuming your plan is to stream (as needed), so might as well take advantage of that extra bench spot to see if you can cash in a lottery ticket in the first few weeks.


The problem that I’ve got is that EVERYONE went so early on QBs. My hand was forced to take Dalton so early which I wasn’t overly pleased with but it is what it is. There’s pretty much crap left on the bench from a QB point of view (Eli, Wenz, Flacco, Bradford, Hoyer), which is why I fetched Tannehill in the final round for cover.

There’s not a huge amount on the bench…there’s the like of Rex Burkhead, Darren Sproles, Gio Bernard, Dion Lewis from RB point of view and the there is Devante Parker, Tyrell Williams, Adam Thielen, Jordan Matthews and Marvin Jones at WR. Some of those WR are tempting I guess…


Literally all the WRs you just mentioned are potential WR2s, maybe some have WR1 potential (Williams if/when Allen goes down). Honestly I’d drop Riddick and Tennehill for these.

QBs correct themselves in-season. There are injuries and break-out performances that cause people to drop them.

Are Jamaal or Joe Williams available?


A run on QBs in your draft can definitely make it tough to roster only one. The preseason waiver wire can look really thin…

Fortunately, we don’t have to play anyone in the preseason! So if one of those two guys have a good schedule Weeks 1-4, it really should be worth dropping the other. Don’t forget: As soon as the season gets going, there is going to be a flurry of waiver activity to grab all those RB/WRs that popped in Weeks 1 & 2.

And your league mates who drafted 3 QBs are going to be forced to drop a few of them when they realize they’re thin at WR/RB because they stocked up unnecessarily at QB. Meanwhile, you’ll have an extra guy (or two) on your bench that very well might be the guy who pops!

… Oh, and I’m sure there will be a few stubborn people in your league who thought they were sneaky by drafting 3 or 4 QBs. They’ll feel the pinch of having a thin bench early on in the season and try to force a trade with a team they think “needs” a QB. Don’t do it! They’ll lose a few guys unnecessarily, get frustrated, and end up dropping them anyway.


Yeah @Mr_ButterFace is right, I see that every year.


I love 3 quarterback draft guy!


Nah - both Williams are taken unfortunately. You think I’m better off stocking up on one of those WR rather than Riddick…especially given that I’m not in a PPR scoring format?


All great advice @Mr_ButterFace - thank you. Both you and @Guinness are offering some super useful advice here.


Solid team, you’re just missing some strength at the RB position.

I’m excited about Dalton just as @AndyHolloway is this season, and I like to stream QBs.

Lynch, Gillislee and da crow are actually good starters, but they are not Mccoy, Freeman, Demarco or the 3 Egyptian Gods (Bell, Zeke, DJ).

Loved your WR corps, you should have no problems with that position during the season.

The Red Zone Reindeer (Rudolph) had a sexy year on 2016, he should be a TE1 this season.

I’ll keep Theo for RB depth. My little birds are telling me he will see plenty of targets in the red zone this 2017; Boldin left town being the 3rd most targeted guy inside the 20 last season.

I’ll roll with your team on any standard league, just make one change:
As @Guinness said, drop Tannehill and take Tyrell Williams. Rookie Mike Williams will not be relevant this season with the Chargers, and Tyrell was a WR2 last season. If you add the injure risk of Keenan Allen, you could end up with River’s WR1.

Good Luck, I smell a championship if you manage wisely your waivers.


lol @antonio_contreras, the Egyptian gods.

I think you should drop Riddick because I don’t ever see him in your starting lineup. You have 4 other, better RBs. With WRs I like more of them so I can play matchups.


Thanks again for your responses @antonio_contreras and @Guinness - you’re both giving me a lot of food for thought here!

I’m a bit torn between picking up Tyrell Williams and Devonte Parker. I keep thinking Parker is going to break out but not sure if this is the year. Williams seems a good suggestion as per @antonio_contreras thinking


I like you’re team here. Very balanced. Of course we all need to improve make moves as the season progresses but this is a great start to a championship man!