Rate my draft please!

12 team IDP - .5PPR. I had 5th pick.

DeSean Watson
Melvin Gordon
Marshawn Lynch
Michael Thomas
Doug Baldwin
Trey burton
Amari cooper
Ravens D

DL - Demarcus Lawrence
DL - Clowney
LB - Woodyard
LB - Bobby Wagner
DB - Mccourty
DB - Sean Davis

Bench -
Nelson Agholor
Aaron Jones
Keelan Cole
Michael Gallup
Mike Williams
Corey Clemente

After drafting my starting line up I focused on filling my defensive positions thereforeI feel like I don’t have much depth on my bench for offence. Especially my RB situation. Should I look to trade my more depth in that position?
Should I be worried on having 2 raiders in my starting lineup?


I don’t typically see Watson rosters I like but you built a nice team around him. Maybe flip Kole for a RB. Possibly Ronald Jones II or Rashaad Penny. I’m currently considering offering James Connor for Gallup to a Le’veon onwer. Would you accept Connor for Gallup?

As for multiple Raiders…I think you picked the two to have. Probably got both of them at a steal and now Amari is #1 and Lynch came into camp / preseason in football shape unlike last year. I believe Gruden is going to give them plenty of opportunities, especially in the red zone. However they did spend decent money bringing in Doug Martin. There is a wild card aspect to the Raiders backfield.

Hence why you get a B+. My fear is you spent too much for Watson and as a result ended up with thin RB depth. Your WR’s are rock solid - I love Trey Burton- have him in every draft so far…reaching two rounds . (FULL DISCLOSURE…I AM A BEARS FAN)

Also this grade is only for the offense. I don’t think I know enough about all your defensive players to evaluate. As for Baltimore…where do you think they end up come playoff time? (KC, TAMPA, CHARGERS) Do you plan on steaming defenses?

Overall this is a very impressive roster. May you find good fortune in all of your trade and waiver transactions. Godspeed.