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Hey Folks!

I am new to the forums and to The Fantasy Footballers in general. After 3 years of listening only to the ESPN Fantasy Focus podcast (Matthew Berry, Field Yates, Stephania Bell, Mike Clay) I decided to look for other podcasts and found the The Fantasy Footballers. It’s hard to express how much more I’m enjoying the show after listening to all of the August episodes. I’ve now doubled-down on The Fantasy Footballers making them my daily podcast (1hr drive to work every morning) and purchased the UDK.

Anyway, I just finished my critical draft for the season (paid family league, as cut throat as it gets) and one of the members sent around the FantasyPros draft analysis. It put me down into mediocre territory across the board.

I’m wonder what #FootClan thinks, and if I should be dropping someone at the bottom (maybe Dede?) for another QB, maybe Winston or Tyrod:

Rules: Half pt PPR, 4 pt QB td pass:

1.6 [Antonio Brown], PIT
2.7 [Devonta Freeman], ATL
3.6 [Jordan Howard], CHI
4.7 [Doug Baldwin], SEA
5.6 [Marshawn Lynch], OAK
6.7 [Rex Burkhead], NE
7.6 [Kerryon Johnson], DET
8.7 [Trey Burton], CHI
9.6 [Robby Anderson], NYJ
10.7 [Philip Rivers], LAC
11.6 [Dede Westbrook] JAC
12.7 [Kenny Golladay], DET
13.6 [Tyler Lockett], SEA
14.7 [New Orleans Saints], NO
15.6 [Mason Crosby], GB



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You got tremendous value at 1.6 with Brown. It’s a great year to have a mid first round selection. Baldwin can also be a great value in the fourth. Your top 2 WR are both currently injured (they will likely be fine when the season starts) but I generally mitigate the number of injured players I enter the season with. Freeman is a quality RB and I think Howard is the most underrated RB in Fantasy right now. getting him in the 3rd is a coup.

After the 4th, you have a FFBallers heavy crew. Lynch, Rex, Kerryon, Trey Boo Boo, Rivers, Golladay, and the Saints D are all favorites of the podcast. I think Lynch will be good early, and as he fades Kerryon should rise. I’m not a fan of Rex, but if he gets TDs in the weeks you play him, it could work out.

As far as Westbrook, I’m taking a shot on a Jacksonville receiving option. My re-draft league makes fun of me every year for taking Bortles, but every year he’s a fantasy starter I get with my last round pick. Theoretically someone has to catch all those QB1 passes.

Nabbing a 2nd QB? I wouldn’t bother until you have to. Every week there are 2 QBs on the waivers that will finish as a QB that week. I would rather see if Dede or Lockett turn into a WR2/Flex than stash a QB I could pick up off the heap next week.

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Thanks. I’ll follow your advice and hold onto my bench for now. It’s a good point that streaming QBs still produce weekly.

And now that you’ve said it, you are totally right about the FFBaller heaviness. I added “My Guy” and “MVP” tags to my printed rankings next to players that received those shout outs. Reviewing it now, I may have valued those tags a bit too much.

A lot of those players are ending up on my teams too. (Kenny G, Trey, Kerryon, and Saints D are all targets of mine). If the fantasy advice from the podcast ends up being good, you can throw up the Footclan title hashtag, That’s why you invested in the UDK, right?

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Yeah I think you got a great team. Good draft


I like it a lot. A little concern on the RBs, but you for a lot of guys who could be really good too, so I like your chances.

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Good overall, too many RB’s imo.

No such thing


Definitely a fair point, after I grabbed Baldwin there was a bit of cascade in the draft and I felt good with Brown/Baldwin so I went pretty RB heavy. Last year I drafted DJ and lost him for the season immediately from injury. Had to struggle all season trying to fix my RB situation. Can’t happen this year.

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