Rate my dynasty blockbuster

Superflex, 3 WR 2 Flex, Full PPR
Now I have no 1st or 2nd next two years, but am all in win now.
Traded Kyle Pitts, 1.05, 1.06, 1.07 for Ekeler +Justin Jackson Mccafrey + D’ontae Foreman, and mark andrews
My QB room :Tua, zach wilson, tom brady
My other RBs: Michael Carter, Cam Aker, Trey sermon, James White
My WR’s : Juju, Jeudy, Jamar Chase, Chase Claypool, Corey Davis, Robby Anderson, Will Fuller, Curtis Samuel, Amari Rodgers
My other TE’s: Gronk

You are definitely built for win now.

I like the trade imho. Ekeler, CMC (if healthy), and Andrews will outproduce Pitts/1.05/1.06/1.07 combined or at least very close to it.

Plus, you also have enough RB depth to trade for another WR2 for some depth there too.

Dang. That breeze hall pick kinda trucked ya a bit