Rate my dynasty trade

I have Carson Wentz. In a 12 team dynasty league I finished 6-7 and have pick 3. I traded Jimmy GQ for pick 8 and Ryan Tannehil. Could y’all rate this trade and would y’all do the same

I would not have done it… who knows if Wentz will bounce back and Jimmy ended his season on a nice little run.

Do you have any other QBs? What’s the rest of the ‘starters’ look like? The trade isn’t that appealing, but depends on who you can pick up in the draft.

This is what my starting lineup will look like come draft time. Also have Dalton and now Tannehil at qb for backup

I would have stayed with Jimmy GQ, you still have Dalton and then you could have traded either Wentz or Jimmy closer to next year when we know how Wentz is coming along

The value for Jimmy I don’t believe would of pulled the same value 4 months from now as it did rn. This was his peak trade high moment

I think its not a bad deal honestly. Yes Jimmy was a very solid backup/starting option but QB’s don’t win a dynasty, You need RB/WR for that which you can take one at both 3 and 8. If I was you I personally would get aggressive and now try to take the 3 and 8 to see if you could trade both for the 1, or both and something if you had to for an Elliot/Gurley/Fournette to pair with Cook giving you a stud RB (you have Evans already and get Cook back). There is no guarantee with your pick at 8 anyways (all picks for that matter but) however when you start offering multiple firsts and something if you have to (nothing major for the something but a young prospect maybe) it holds a lot of weight in peoples minds. I know this is an aggressive strategy (I traded Hopkins and Derrick Henry last year for Fournette - I won this year) so you don’t have to, 3 and 8 should be good players (I don’t have any picks this year so you may have to evaluate what you can get at 3 to see is 3 and 8 worth 1) but regardless thats my advice. All in all though I agree with Ernest_thumann you moved Jimmy at the peak of his value

I like it. People tend to undervalue rookie draft picks. And to give up a QB for a top 10 pick? Hell yeah. Even if wentz isn’t back to normal by start of next season, you can always find something that you can make work. Imagine being able to pick up fournette and hunt like you could have with the 3 and 8 this year. 3 is a stretch for fournette, but still you get the idea. Could have been cook and hunt too, still a solid rb duo. Anyway, it doesn’t always work out that way, but that’s why it’s so valuable to get as many chances as you can.