Rate my dyno team, heading into year 2

I have been busy year one… felt like it was time to step back and get some feedback from the community.

QB - you’re fine, maybe grab someone off of waivers as a backup (unless there’s a lot on the waiver wire) since we don’t know how effective Jimmy G will be when he gets back.

WR - Solid. Allen will give you a nice floor, Cooper will win you one or two weeks a year. The rest are pretty boom/bust, but most have decent upside. I’d probably try and package Cooper and another one of your WRs for some safer WRs like Woods and Landry.

RB - Fournette scares me, his workload is legit when he’s healthy, but he’s not healthy a lot of the time. He’s fine as my RB2, but I wouldn’t want his inconsistency (due to availability) as my RB1. Freeman is a crapshoot at this point. Drake might be the guy or might end up a backup because of Bell. Hyde might not even be on the team, but this might be a good thing if he ends up in a lead role somewhere else. I’d try to move a WR for an upside RB.

TE - Solid. You dont have a top 5 guy, but Howard and Burton should be in the top 10-12 discussion most weeks. You should have no problem rotating between those two guys.

Picks - You’ve got good picks. If it were me, I’d try and trade my picks for players prior to the NFL draft. I dont think this year’s incoming class has nearly as much talent as others have and I would hate it if my 2nd round picks ended up losing a ton of value. I’d almost always rather have proven (aka veterans) vs unproven (aka rookies). Yes I know it’s dynasty, but I’d rather try and win now than save up all my “what if” players and hope they all hit big at the right time.

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Assuming it’s 1QB, you’re more than fine at the position IMO. I love your WRs personally. You have a great mix of solid pieces with Allen and Cooper and upside with Godwin and Dede. Lockett and Marvin are plug and play matchup guys which is super important to have. As for RB, you know you’re hurting and I’d look to use some of those 2019s to try to snag one.

Overall I think you’re set up pretty well but it basically all depends on how you use those picks.

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It is 1QB and I feel pretty comfortable with those two. Any insight on RB’s later in the first? I’m head over heels for David Montgomery but I’m certain he’ll be gone.