Rate my Fantasy Team - Randy Moose

Hey guys, what do y’all think of my team? It’s a 12 Team, PPR Redraft league with standard QB scoring.

Lamar Jackson
Trey Lance
Ezekiel Elliot
Clyde Edwards-Helaire
Josh Jacobs
Devin Singletary
Ty’Son Williams (he’s from my hometown and I got him in the 14th :man_shrugging:
Allen Robinson
DJ Moore
Deebo Samuel
Corey Davis
Darnell Mooney
Terrace Marshall
Mike Gesicki
Washington Football Team Defense
Ryan Succop

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I’m guessing that you waited until the third round to start targeting WR with the Robinson pick after taking Zeke and CEH in the first two (which I’d be happy with), so considering that, I like your depth at receiver. Deebo is a hard guy for me to develop an actual opinion on, but I dig your top two and Corey Davis as your WR4 is a great value. I love any team that I have this year with him on it (same with Gesicki as I’m assuming you got him pretty late).

Your RB situation is quite good for a 12-team. I think Zeke bounces back in a big way, Jacobs as your RB3 is solid and getting the hometown guy is always fun!

I’d be interested in knowing how early you went on Lamar just to compare with what other receivers are there. Obvious upside with him, but he’s usually at a price that I’m not willing to pay.

I will say that having the running QB as your starter who you invested some draft capital in, I’d probably go a little more traditional with the backup vs. trying for the lottery ticket in Lance (and that’s if I even drafted one). I feel like Baker, Fitz or Jameis may be better fits assuming your guys like Cousins and Ryan aren’t on the wire.

Overall, I like it. I think you have depth at the positions that matter and could be in line for some big seasons at good values.

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Surprisingly I got Lamar in the 7th. My plan going into the draft was to draft a QB between rounds 8 - 10, but when he fell to me in the 7th, I felt that there was no way I could pass on him.

Zeke and CEH were my first two picks and I was hoping to get David Montgomery in the 3rd and was going to go WR heavy there after, but Montgomery went 3 picks before me so I was happy with Allen Robinson there (3rd round)