Rate my home league draft

Alright footclan, rate my my home league draft. Its 1/2 PPR, 2 flex plus a superflex. No kickers, and I’m planning on picking up the cowboys defense for week 1.

QB: trubisky, darnold
TE Mark Andrews

WR: Adams, kupp, boyd, Pettis, Dede Westbrook, Sanders

RB: cook, Damien Williams, Devonta Freeman, David montgomery, tevin Coleman, Darwin Thompson

Any thoughts guys?

It’s a shame it isn’t dynasty because you have a lot of young players who should grow into some serious point machines! Nice draft. Looks like you got a lot of value from your picks.

Your QBs are seriously lacking for a superflex - that may hinder you quite a bit given it’s the most important position in that type of league. That being said, both do have high ceilings for this year, it’d be great to see Trubisky continue to grow and Darnold breakout. RBs look incredible, WRs look solid too.

I like the depth you have at WR/RB. I think TE will kill you and QB is a big ?

Your WR/RB depth is amazing and I don’t hate the TE but I agree with a super flex you may want to consider trying to trade one of your depth RBs (from my perspective you have 4 starters) for a better QB

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Yeah I’m thinking about that, I’m gonna give it a couple weeks though to make sure that my QBs don’t end up “breaking out”… I see trubisky as a top 10 QB and darnold or garrapolo (who I just picked up) with top 15 potential. RBs just kept falling to me from rounds 2-5 so I just kept pushing the button on them