Rate my lineup - superflex

10 team superflex full ppr

QB: Brady
RB: Mixon / Clyde
WR: Lamb / Diontae
TE: Pitts
FLX: Higgins
SFLX: Tannehill

Eli Mitchell
Hasty (dropping)

I would switch Hyde for j Williams

If Mitchell is a full go, I personally would start Mitchell over Higgins in the flex.

SF plays ATL this week and their run D is :-1: while CIN plays DEN stout D.

I really want to play Williams, been riding him for the past two weeks. The matchups make me want to go Hyde - Hyde vs Chargers (+) Williams CIN (-). Im going to play Mitchell if full go as RB 2 against ATL(+).

You dont think if Mitchell is good to just play him over Clyde and keep Higgins in the flex? Higgins has been a beast and I really like rolling with WRs in the flex cuz full PPR - exceptions always made though.

That is another idea as well. The only issue I have with Higgins this week is DEN is an excellent pass D and Burrow could end up having a bad day.

Okay, you do make a good point. Im worried about Javonte a little, hes been finding the endzone as of late and if he doesnt cash in, it might be a bum day, but it does seem like he has the passing work. Cincy also has a good run D.

What about putting Mitchell in over Javonte and keeping Higgins in the flex? Or are you just a hard fade on Higgins this week?

You can still play Higgins, expectations need to be tempered for him this week, imho. I personally view him as a low WR2/high WR3 with upside.