! - - Rate my mega paid draft - -!

Hey folks, just finished my final draft of the season and don’t feel that great about it… especially because it’s the one worth $$$. I’m wondering if I should already be trying to trade my 6th and or 7th RB for a backup TE or a better sleeper WR. Definitely not used to having such a large bench.

Let me know what you think: 12 team, 0.5 pt PPR, 4 pt QB TD


Coleman is in my flex spot right now too which feels sort of weak.

Yeah, TBH, I think you missed on some picks here. You’ve got too many low ceiling guys IMO, especially at RB. Coleman, Miller, Mack, Powell and Breida all just don’t get the juices flowing. I’d be hoping for a couple of them to have big week 1s and then package them for a high level WR that had a bad week. Then you can use that WR as your flex/WR2.

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Same thing happened to me btw. Going for Gronk early really hurts the second RB/WR or flex spot. The depth just isn’t there when you need it. I just did a draft and got Gronk for the first time ever, my mid rounds just felt like poop. I was the #2 pick too and went DJ-Gronk.

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Thanks for the feedback. This is exactly how I feel and my first time grabbing Gronk. I like your idea of seeing how they all do then trying to trade up after Week 1, this is my plan now.