Rate my Mock 5th over all

First mock of the season. Can you please assist.

McKinnon in the 2nd is a mistake.

Agree with this. Drastic overpay for McKinnon. The hype is out of control. He has literally done absolutely nothing to show he is a competent runner at the NFL level. People are still married to his SPARQ score like it means anything. Assuming this is redraft but couple other notes:

  1. Zeke at 1.07 is criminal in any format. If I was sitting at 1.05 and Zeke fell to me, I would be the happiest man on campus. Hell if I was at 1.04 and Zeke fell to me, I’d be happy. So I think you missed out on definite value there. Paying for Hopkins ceiling rather than the risk. I would personally take Zeke, Kamara and OBJ and barkley all over Hopkins.
  2. Instead of McKinnon, I probably would’ve taken Freeman. Late in the 2nd for Freeman is pretty decent value. Would’ve even preferred both Gronk and Evans over McKinnon.
  3. Love the Diggs Pick. Also wouldn’t have minded Kelce at that slot
  4. Jeffrey here is too high IMO. I probably would’ve taken ARob over him or Michel. You’re light on RBs. McKinnon as your RB1 would give me the fits. Also, literally LOLd when i saw Jordan Reed at 4.
  5. Like the penny pick.
  6. Love the lewis pick.
  7. cant believe you got michel so low, kind of makes up for getting jeffrey at 4.

@MikeMeUpp: Thank you very much for that write up. That is exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to go tier base and with .5ppr I wanted a 1st tier wr since the rbs were out (based off cheat sheet); however, I see where you are coming from for Zek. I do have to admit it is hard for me not to get sucked into the Mckinnon hype with jimmy GQ under center. I am trying new strategies and really trying to learn how to use the UDK to its full potential. Right now the tier cheat sheet is my go to. I wish I could understand and know what to really look for in the kit, there is just so much information which is great, but translating it for me is the challenge. This write up really help clear a lot up. Thanks again.

Agree mainly with the guys, overall you ended up with a solid roster but to bypass Zeke when he falls to 5 and then McKinnon in the second are the two mistakes here otherwise yes a bit of a reach on Jeffrey but you took what fell to you in the later rounds so a few tweaks but not a bad mock at the end of it all. Man if i was picking at 7 i would be laughing getting Zeke there!

I mean I love the ballers and all but sometimes I disagree with them. I think their rankings/cheatsheet is a place to start, but personally I always adjust the rankings and tiers based on my own views as well. At the end of the day you want to draft a roster that you like and believe in. Now if you’re a huge Dhop fan and really believe in him there, than sure, can’t really fault you too much for taking him. Personally though, Zeke is in the same tier as all the other top backs for me and I would happily take him as my first guy off the board over any of the WRs.

In terms of using the UDK, i think the most valuable piece of probably the reception perception. By no means is it a be all end all for WRs, but I just find the data interesting. Pair that with what you know or have seen regarding players on screen and I’ve found it to be very helpful when trying to decide between WRs in a draft.

And if you’re using the cheatsheets only, that’s probably not enough. You need the context and the right ups so I would also go to their tier based rankings to read the write ups of why they ranked players a certain way.

agree with MikemeUp and DWFB: I happily take Zeke in the first if he falls to me at 5. But…if taking Hopkins in the first, then you take Devonta in the second instead of McKinnon.

Coming back around the turn at 3, with McKinnon as your first RB off the board, the need for solid RB “protection” goes up and Mixon / Howard are there waiting for you. Either 3.05 of a 12-team snake is good value. And presumably, you’re taking Hopkins at 1 so that you don’t have to fortify WR with another early round pick because you think he’s worthy of 1.05. It’s not that I don’t like Diggs’ value at that spot, I just don’t like the pick in the context of what you appear to be doing with your roster up to that point.

In the same vein, once you’ve picked Hopkins and Diggs, and you only have McKinnon going into rd. 4, Alshon seems a bit of a reach when you could have Collins.

I also like Royce Freeman better than Penny.

Thanks for posting this…it was an interesting exercise to have to think about it!

Thank you all for your words of wisdom. Here is what I got after trying to put your amazing advice to practice. I keep 5th round pick since it is a hard spot where you can get good players but have to make the really hard decisions.

  • So great on Zeke.
  • Gronk is fine in the 2nd but I prefer to get him if its late in the 2nd rather than the middle. I think you could’ve also taken Freeman here or a CMAC. I typically like to open either zero RB or zero WR rather than mix cause I want to dominate a certain position.
  • Fitz in the 3rd is a bit rich for my taste cause you’re drafting at his ceiling. I’d rather get him in the 5th. I’d rather have diggs there. You could even get like a joe mixon if you really wanted to solidify the RB core
  • Not a huge fan of Ajayi personally. I’d rather have one of the top rookies. Whichever you prefer out of guice/penny/michel. Michel is my fav personally, then guice and penny. Although somehow you got Guice in the 6th which is just highway robbery. Looks like all the rookie RBs went way too late in this draft
  • I’m personally take Jones over watkins in the redraft as much as I love Watkins
  • Guice here is an absolute steal. Saves you a bit from your earlier draft
  • Still love lewis
  • Hate parker. He is absolute trash and I don’t get the hype. Willing to bet both stills and wilson outproduce him this year. I would rather have a Chris thompson/lynch/kerryon
  • Cohen in the 9th is pretty damn good though.
  • GJ waiting on QBs
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