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Rate my Mock Draft strategy


Keep in mind that the mock i did is very intelligent to my league. It has every keeper in the right round and it has every draft pick trades in the right spots.

12 Team Full PPR 1-Keeper League (Keepers in our league is you lose the round before u drafted this player)
Example. Drafted Mike thomas in the 9th, he is now an 8th round keeper in this years draft.

This is a 6-point per Td and 1 point every 10 yards for QB scoring.
1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE) 1Def/ST 1 IDP

                           (Round.Pick)    *Remember there were draft pick trades*

QB: Jameis Winston (8.12)-my keeper
RB1: David Johnson (1.1)
RB2: Mike Gillislee (7.1)
WR1: Mike Evans (2.7)-acquired through trade…his keeper
WR2: Larry Fitzgerald (4.12)
TE: Jordan Reed (3.12)
Flex: Julian Edelman (5.1)
D/ST: Seahawks (15.1)
IDP: Aaron Donald (14.12)

Danny Woodhead (8.1)
Ameer Abdullah (9.1)
Duke Johnson (10.12)
Jeremy Maclin (11.1)
Randall Cobb (12.12)
Dak Prescott (13.1)
David Njoku (16.12)

-I went with a tight end early which i usually never do but i like how my team turned out.
-I like my gambles at RB with hopes that 1 or two pan out.
-I like taking Dak in the 13th as a possible 12 round keeper next year and a great back up if jameis doesnt shine.

Let me know what you guys think! Break it down however you want to.



all in all it turned out good. i would still not take reed in the third, but everything else is solid in a PPR. if anything i would trade out the duke johnson pick in the 10th for a TE, and use my third rounder for a RB or WR. it changes the dynamic of basically your whole team, but i think you will end up ahead. but if you like it, thats really all that matters. just use your bench RBs wisely and play good matchups and you will be set.


Yeah sometimes Mccaffrey or Crowell will fall to my (3.12) pick and i would take either of them there but if theyre gone im kinda torn with what to do


i always fall back to best player available according to your own rankings. if thats reed for you, then take him all day.