Rate my mock draft?

In a full ppr 10 league , have 2nd pick in draft so did a mock to see what I could potentially build , would appreciate any advice and feedback

Looks good to me, but my mock drafts have been in only 8-team leagues. Just wondering how many QBs were taken ahead of Cousins. I’ve had Gronk in almost half the mock drafts I’ve done, but I think you have to draft in the right spot to have a chance at him unless you reach for him in the 2nd round. I think you got Gronk at the right spot without reaching for him.

Yeah I got him with my 3rd pick doubt I’ll get him that late in my league draft here’s hoping , and they were still a few qbs left I probably won’t take cousins, brees was still available

Concerned about the cook pick would prefer McCaffrey