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Rate my mock draft


I had 4th overall pick in a 12-team standard draft. ESPN Mock Draft. Let me know what you think of my draft

QB: Stafford
RB1: lamar miller
RB2: Gillislee
WR1: antonio brown
WR2: sammy watkins
TE: Fleener
FLEX: Michael Crabtree
D/st: Steelers
K: Novak

RBs: Gore, Lacy, Kelley, Doug martin,
WRs: John Brown, Marvin jones, Quincy enunwa

1.04- Antonio Brown, easy pick, best 3 RBs gone.

2.09- Lamar Miller , I took lamar miller over cooper, hopkins, fournett, lynch. DeMarco was picked right before me. Im a Miller believer this year, i couldve went gurley here but i was kindve hoping he wouldve snaked back around to me

3.04- Sammy Watkins , Couldve went DT, allen robinson, doug baldwin, Pryor. Gurley and lynch were picked right before me. Im thinking sammy has a good bounce back this year and stays healthy

4.09- Michael Crabtree, I was looking at crowell but he went right before me and so did Davante adams. chose crabtree over mixon, crowder, golden tate, tyreek. Chose crabtree here hoping mixon would come back to me in the early fifth but was gone

5.04-Michal Gillislee, I was looking for a RB here and I like gill over montgomery, hyde, powell, abdullah. Martavious went here which i wouldve picked if i had gotten mixon last round.

6.09- Frank Gore. I think Gore will be a solid RB2 and I thought he would be safe with the gamble of gillislee. Chose him over Luck and garcon. Almost went luck but id rather play it safe with gore and draft a qb later.

7.04-Eddie Lacy. I went lacy here for another gamble and just adding depth to my RBs. Lacy went over woodhead, eifert, d jax, latavious, diggs, AP, blount, Perkins, stewart moncrief.

8.09-Rob Kelley, Another RB for depth. Moncrief went a few picks before me which is who i was targetting. kelley over forte, snead.

9.04-Doug Martin, I think doug martin will have a bounce back year and thought if he does my roster would do well even though hes suspended and could be a nice flex or RB2 for me.

10.09- John Brown, high upside WR that i love. no brainer here

11.04Marvin Jones, best WR available in my opinion, though i should stack up more

12.09- Matthew Stafford, I was hoping for Doyle or Ebron here but both went so i went ahead and got my QB

13.04 Coby Fleener, needed a TE and I think he has good upside, over CJ and OJ, Brate.

14.09 Steelers DST, think steelers have a nice opening to their schedule

15.04- kicker, bleh

I know this was a lot but I just want to hear some opinons. This was one of my favorite drafts ive done so far. Let me know what you think! Thanks to everyone who read this far!


This was a great draft man. You waited for QB and TE, which is how it should be done. I’m also a Miller believer. If you feel weak on RBs, this team will enable you to make sexy trades in the future. Very strong on WRs, so you will be able to make 2x1 trades.

  • You have Carr’s favroite target on Crabtree

  • Stafford in the 12th is a steal

  • Tremendous upside on Watkins and Gillislee

  • Depth for both RBs and WRs

Godd job!