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Rate my Mock Thread


We all know that the letter grades at the end our mock drafts are pretty much useless but we know our stuff on this forums so post your mock drafts and get feedback here

I’ll start, I was drafting from the 9th spot

1.09 Mike Evans
2.04 Jay Ajayi
3.09 Demaryius Thomas
4.04 Isaiah Crowell
5.09 Andrew Luck
6.04 Mark Ingram
7.09 Willie Snead
8.04 Frank Gore
9.09 Jeremy Maclin
10.04 Doug Martin
11.09 Quincy Enunwa
12.04 Randal Cobb
13.09 Tyrell Williams
14.04 Charles Clay
15.09 Carolina Panthers
16.04 Stephen Gostowski

I reckon taking MArk Ingram in the sixth wasnt the best move as i already had two RBs should have taken zach ertz or jack but I’m not too annoyed with Charles Clay


Im not huge on taking luck in the 5th. i guess it depends but i know receivers like edelman tate pryor fitzgerald are all in the 4th-6th round range. Could argue to take one of them instead and maybe take a QB like Rivers Stafford WInston Mariota in the 9th-10th. Seems to me you have a lot of fliers, which isnt bad hoping that 1 pans out but maybe you passed on some value. Just one opinion. I like snead, gore value guys like that. D. Thomas maybe a little early for the 3rd.


You will have to stream TEs but the TE pool must be drained if Clay was the best option at the end of the draft, so that worries me a little. The rest looks pretty good though.


Not crazy about your 5th and 6th round picks. Think you could have found better WR depth or improved your RB corps. I’m concerned about Luck’s health as well.