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I used the UDK and followed the tier system. Yahoo and Fantasy pros consistently grade me lower than I feel it should based on the rankings of these players in the UDK, so that’s why I turn to you. I didn’t draft a kicker because my thought was to play it week by week with the matchup. (Not usual for me, but I’m experimenting). Have at it!


What # pick did you have? I am guessing 6 or 7 with OBJ as your 1st. How many teams?

I have been surprised at how low some of my drafts have been, using Yahoo. What was your grade on this one? Seems balanced and solid to me.


6th pick, ODB. My next pick was Murray.

Graded a B- haha


Grades on those sites are worthless. I’d wait on a TE and WB before taking either Wilson or Reed as high as you’d need to. Otherwise, looks pretty good.


That’s my current struggle. Do I keep loading up and wait on elite TE or QB (granted, Wilson isn’t really fantasy elite lately) or do I jump on Jordan Reed in the 5th?


I got a D+ in a 12 team, 2RB 3 WR league - 9th pick: Gordon, M. Thomas (too soon,I know), Crowell, Hilton, Davantae Adams, Sneed, Gillislee, Decker, Marvin Jones Jr., Ebron, Rivers, Dixon, Woodhead, Gano, Giants DEF.

I fat fingered the Giants, picking them way early. I didn’t think it was a terrible draft. Certainly not a D+.


All depends on the format and number of teams. I like the rb situation with snagging Beckham, but unless this is full 12 man PPR I don’t like it. Not a fan of the QB, full PPR I’d be cool with Fitz but in no other format, he’d be useful for the first 4 games then trade him I guess, older WR’s like that tend to where out over the season. Personally Hate Tate but your bench is solid. I never play full PPR, so I tend to under value WR’s bc it always seems that the production of the WR2s can often be found on the waiver wire. Don’t think I’d grab bortles while not grabbing a kicker and def, I know the theory of holding backup rbs through the pre season makes sense, but don’t see anyone on the bench that makes that move worth it. Getting ahold of a week to week starting kicker in most cases is worth it, I’d have grabbed a raiders RB to backup Lynch or the whole not grabbing kicker/def doesn’t make sense.


I would give it a solid B. I believe that there is some good upside with your picks, but there are a few risk based players in the mix. Overall good job. Keep it up!


Good balance of floor and upside. Well done


I like this team, overall. B+


Definitely appreciate the insight. Not sure if this changes anything but it’s not full PPR, I drafted for half point PPR.


It doesn’t change anything for me. I still like this team. I think my only hesitation is with Lynch, but if he can start the year strong, you might get a good trade offer on him and you do have depth even if you didn’t. I am talking like this is your real team. I understand that it is a mock…so it would be a mock trade offer…?